Perspektive Polen

Festivalsamstag | 26. Mai, 19:00 Uhr

PODIUMSDISKUSSION: Low budget filmmaking in Poland.

Agnieszka Konarska | Warszawa/Wrocław
Surprise of the festival: 18-year-old talent with 7 years of animation experience and several festival invitations.

Agnieszka Opyt & Dominik Krawczyk | Wrocław
Young, yet experienced documentary filmmakers and founders of Empiriafilm - a studio for advertising and film training.

Urszula Pieregończuk | Pionki
A numerously awarded interdisciplinary artist and independent filmmaker of short fictions. 


Polowanie // The Hunt
Director: Agnieszka Konarska | Dresden, Germany 2012 | 2:09min 
Costs: 0,-

A short story about a kidnapped raven and smart rats in deep, dark forest.


Czarna Niedziela // Black Sunday
Director: Maciej Jasiński & Jarosław Piskozub | Bydgoszcz, Poland 2011
Costs: 0,-

Every Sunday, the town dwellers gather around the stadium and start their weekly ritual. For a little while, they forget about their daily problems, finding excitement in this thrilling competition.


He war
Director: Marcin Mikulski | Dolsk/Poznań, Poland 2011 | 8:12min
Costs: 500,-

"He War" is the story of a complicated relationship between the main character and his family. Father and son, fascinated by the Napoleonic era, participate in the reenactment of the battle of Friedland. But not the Russian troops appear to be the greatest enemy of the protagonist.


Pesymistyczny Scenariusz // Pessimistic Scenario
Director: Michal Szota & Anna Ejsmont | Warszawa, Poland 2009
Costs: 0,-

A surrealist story with spymovie motifs, presented by the means of cut-up, trashy, jittered, glitched motion animation. A dealer of mysterious merchandise gets lost in Moscow.


Director: Tomasz Cechowski & Grzegorz Paluch | Warszawa, Poland 2009 | 1:24min
Costs: 0,-

"Thesis" is a short, independent, animated movie based on a popular joke. It is also a hyperbolic digression, a comment on the means of scientists in research. Language in the movie is fictional.



Costs: 0,-

An artistic profile of the thinker and beggar Mr. Pinki.


PrzekraczajĄc siebie // Exceed Ourselves
Director: Agnieszka Opyt & Dominik Krawczyk | Wrocław, Poland 2011
Costs: 50,-

A story about a man who explores the limits of his selfrealization. The film poses the question of how to exceed that which enslaves and prevents people from self-fulfillment.


17 Percent
Director: Dariusz Kuczera | Poland 2011 |  14:06min
Costs: 500,-

A short story about a gambler.


Saint-saense groove mix [excerpt] by Mooryc
Visuals: Jagoda Chalcińska | Poznań, Poland 2012 | 4:16min
Costs: 0,-

Visual experiment, a part of live audio-visual performance: live vj set: JAGO VJ; music: MOORYC.

Rosyjski romans // Russian Romance
Director: Urszula Pieregończuk | Lublin, Poland 2011 | 15:30min
Costs: 2.400,-

Russian Romance action takes place between four characters: English girl Elisabeth, her Russian fiancee, the mythological figure Sylen and a French femme fatale. They all are locked out in a world of their own desires which prevents them from seeing things the way they are. They crave, desire, fantasize, relish ultimate power. They are under illusion that the unexplored space is full of promises and great possibilities.