Perspektive Israel

The section ISRAEL IN PERSPECTIVE features independently produced short films from Israel and puts a spotlight on filmmakers from this region and their personal stories. The idea is to reveal immediate insights into the current living conditions in this region and to contribute to a better understanding of Israeli culture.

Bear Force | סיפורי דובים
Director: Orly Buium | Israel 2010 | 7:30min 
Costs: $ 150

"Bear Force" brings the story of Paz the Bear, a gay guy who belongs to the "gay Bear" community of Israel. The bear family gives him the power to accept his chubby body and to love and believe in himself as he is - a big Bear!


Catherine the Great
Director: Anna Kuntsman Rozenberg | Israel 2011 | 5:00min 
Costs: 1000 NIS

Catherine lives in a small Moldovan village. Intending to help her poor family, she replies to an attractive advertisement offering work abroad. Unsuspectedly, she collects her plane ticket to Israel and flies to Tel Aviv. This is where her "dream job" turns out to be a lure and Catherine needs to confront the cruelty she encounters abroad.


First Days | ימים ראשונים
Director: Ohad Regev | Israel 2012 | 14:59min
Costs: $ 1.000

Ruthie is looking for something else than living life as expected, not something overwhelming, she simply doesn't want to get a job just because "she has to" or share an apartment with someone and call it "a relationship". Nobody gets her, but she doesn't give up. She wakes up one day having this feeling as if it's "the first day of the rest of her life". As she bumps into a required note asking for film extras, these vague feelings become stronger. She convinces her spouse, Uria, to join her. They are supposed to play a very small part of "a couple in love", but since they don't remember how to be that, their behavior disturbs the film shooting. After they get instructions, explaining them how a couple in love should behave, something long forgotten arises.


In Space | בחלל
Director: Koby Hadour, Tom Apfel, Alex Blau | Israel 2012 | 3:22min
Costs: 0,-

The grim Capitan and his loyal pilot, Number 2, in their epic quest for the lost and what cannot be found.


My Special Ice-Cream Man
Director: Tal Arbiv | Israel 2008 | 3:00min
Costs: $ 20

An experimental psychotic audio-visual experience that talks about the Stockholm syndrome, the love to your captive, as a metaphor for the Israeli-Palestinian relations.


No Lifeguard
Director: Yehezkel Lazarov | Tel Aviv, Israel 2013 | 12:00min
Costs: 5.000,-

Joel, 38, comes to the beach. It is the same beach he is used to visit every "shabath" with his parents. Going back the stairs of memory, he is flooded with youth and childhood experiences. The film "No Lifeguard" is about going back to a "crime scene" where the patterns and behavioral habits are learned through imitation mechanisms between parent and child.



Prothesis | פרוטזה
Director: Maya Avidov | Israel 2012 | 6:30min
Costs: 2.000 NIS
A short experimental documentary that takes an unusual look at eyes and eyesight and the different types of experiences one has when faced with their vulnerability.



Sound Stain by The Aprons | כתמי סאונד
Director: Liran Goldberg | Israel 2013 |  3:00min
Costs: 800,-

Dark fairy tail. Animated live action music video for dream pop duo The Aprons.


Susya | סוסיא
Director: Dani Rosenberg, Yoav Gross | Susya, Mount Hebron 2011 | 15:00min
Costs: $ 5

A 60-year-old Palestinian and his son arrive at an archaeological site of  an ancient Jewish settlement and buy tickets to enter. This is their only way to return to their abandoned home village, which they have not visited for 25 years.


The Thirsty Man | האיש הצמא
Director: Eitan Anner | Negev Desert, Israel 2012 | 6:20min
Costs: 2.000 NIS

A young couple's holiday in a desert hut at the Israeli-Egyptian border is interrupted by an uninvited guest.


Undead by Tek Step
Director: Ofer Pedut | Tel Aviv, Israel 2012 | 2:35min
Costs: 400,-

A girl falls asleep to a ZOMBIE nightmare...


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