Perspektive Baltikum

Do You Like People?
Directed by Aleksejs Kuznecovs | Jelgava, Latvia 2010 | 5:45min | feature film
Costs: 0,-

"I have so many different personalities in me and I still feel lonely."


Eesti mees / Estonian Man
Directed by Kudrun Vungi | Tartu, Estonia 2008 | 2:24min | animation
Costs: 0,-

An ironical absurd-like view on an Estonian man.


Directed by M. Liira, U. Reisberg | Tartu, Estonia 2005 | 7:11min | feature film

A cheerful story about an old gentelman, who is left alone to walk in a park. He takes a seat on a bench and delves into birds singing. Suddenly a blatant boy appears next to him.



Santa Flasher
Directed by Erik Alunurm & friends | Tallinn, Estonia 2010 | 0:50min | animation
Costs: 0,-

Experimental advertisement for a cultural event.


Rain Terrain
Directed by Martin Oja | Tartu, Estonia 2006 | 6:12min | animation

There is a place where umbrellas grow. It's called Rain Terrain. A bizarre celestial machinery controls its everyday rhythms and hues. What does it take to stop the clouds from moving and the rain from falling?


Directed by M. Adoma, L. Tammiste | Tallinn, Estonia 2010 | 1:17min | experimental

A hot girl in a hot room is feeling hot. An audiovisual poem.


Directed by Dovydas Augaitis | Klaipeda, Lithuania 2010 | 3:45min | music video
Costs: 0,-

Some strange feelings after a huge amount of party's.


Killer Who Ate His Victims' Flesh
Directed by E. Alunurm, S. Lampmann | Tallinn, Estonia 2009 | 0:54min | animation
Costs: 0,-

"I could've been a killer / Who ate his victims' flesh / I could've eat them rotten / I could've eat them fresh"


Volli Pall
Directed by Chintis Lundgren | Tallinn, Estonia 2010 | 8:00min | animation
Costs: 30,-

Volli, who works as a tourguide, discovers one morning a portuguese in his closet. Vollis partner Olivier is not amused over the sudden appearance of this southern man. Volli, totally ignoring the more and more peculiar situations, continues his usual routine until the dream-like drunkness of the night and the exponentially rising rate in paranormal activities make his work and not-work even more difficult.



Photoshop in Those Days
Directed by Dovydas Augaitis | Klaipeda, Lithuania 2011 | 2:06min | animation
Costs: 1,-

Once upon a time (in 1984.04.03) there was a young photographer who decided to try a whole new thing - "photo-layered" photography. And that's how a Photoshop was born!


Gone With the Wind

Costs: 30,-

I live in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. A number of nice old wooden buildings have recently been taken down in my neighbourhood to make room for modern architecture and lifestyle. But after the global economic crisis nothing new has actually been built. So there is just wind blowing in these empty places.



Butterfly's Dream
Directed by Ausra Biriukoviene | Vilnius, Lithuania 2010 | 1:55min | animation
Costs: 0,-

This film is about fear which is relative to all living creatures of our planet. About fear which can assume not only the real world but also the world of dreams where it transforms into various unexpected forms.


Saved by the Balls
Directed by Erik Alunurm & friends | Tallinn, Estonia 2010 | 0:30min | animation
Costs: 0,-

Graduation celebration!



Directed by Vents Grinbaums | Riga, Latvia 2008 | 3:04min | feature film
Costs: 500,-

This is absurd dramaturgy based on Daniil Harms story.


Vaikiv pinge / Silent Tension by 5LOOPS
Directed by Martti Poom | Tallinn/Tartu, Estonia 2010 | 4:34min | music video
Costs: 0,-

An atmospheric documentary about the recording of "Vaikiv pinge".


Ordinary Summer
Directed by Sergey Lavrenov | Riga, Latvia 2010 | 13:35min | feature film
Costs: 800,-

Biography drama based on 3 real stories about missconnections and missplacement in young modern society.


Adventures in Cookieland
Directed by Martins Zutis | Berlin, Germany 2010 | 0:26min | animation
Costs: 0,-

Protagonist's memories of a terrifying adventure in Cookieland remained subconscious until an accidental discovery.


The Last Words of the Evening by Kirtana Rasa
Directed by Maria Reinup | Kunda/Haapsalu, Estonia 2010 | 5:44min | music video
Costs: 1410,-