MELİS BİLGİN was born in İstanbul in 1980, Melis is an interdisciplinary artist. She studied directing for the stage and painting at Bennington College, USA and continued her graduate studies in film. She has exhibited her art work internationally, staged theatre performances as both director and dramaturg and won several awards for her short films and video projects. She continues to work in a variety of media including film, animation, performance and painting and lectures at fine arts faculty in İstanbul.


AVISHAI KFIR is a film director, producer and since 2010 the director of the Haifa Cinematheque in Israel. He graduated from CUNY NY in 1982 in film- TV & journalism. He has over 30 years of experience in producing and directing feature films, scores of documentaries & TV programs. He was chairman of the Israeli Documentary Forum from 2007 - 2010. He was also the producer of the Haifa International Film Festival 2005 - 2007.


VENTS GRINBAUMS studied in the Latvian academy of culture and made his master's degree as film and TV director. He as well has a bachelor's degree in psychology. Since 2001 Vents realized more than 14 short films. Recently he has been working on some feature films, commercials and TV serials, mostly as 1AD. He is also the founder of the film platform - webpage for short films from Baltic States: