Internationale Sektion

Festivalfreitag | 25. Mai, 20:00 Uhr

Wirkte das Interesse internationaler Filmemacher im vergangenen Jahr noch überraschend, so steht beim 7. ClipAward eines fest: das Festival ist auch in der internationalen Kurzfilmszene angekommen! Rund 300 Einsendungen aus der ganzen Welt haben uns dieses Jahr erreicht.

Ein faszinierender Blick über den nationalen Tellerrand - von Zagreb über Teheran bis nach New York!

// Whereas in 2011, the interest of international filmmakers in ClipAward seemed to be quite surprising, this year, one thing is certain: the festival has found its permanent place in the international short film scene - round about 300 submissions have reached us from all over the world!

Decapoda Shock
Director: Javier Chillon | Madrid, Spain 2011 | 9:18min 
Costs: 1.500,-

An astronaut returns to Earth after a fatal accident on a distant planet.


Last Exit Home
Director: Siar Sedig | Amsterdam, Netherlands 2011 | 10:32min 
Costs: 400,-

Leonard is a man of routine as is his journey home from work. Everyday is the same. But today is an exception when he meets a stranger who causes his fantasy and reality to collide.


Inside my head are ladies
Director: Sofia Palma | Porto, Portugal 2011 | 1:13min
Costs: 0,-

A dream sequence where nothing seems to make much sense.


Director: Aysegul Okul | Istanbul, Turkey 2010 | 14:00min
Costs: 3.000,-



Director: Olivier Dressen | Belgium 2011 | 1:33min
Costs: 400,-

What's the common point between Paris Hilton first sex tape, E.T., the French Revolution, Bob Marley, Facebook's owner Mark Zuckerberg, Robert de Niro, and the first time a man landed on the moon? Just watch "Wednesday" and you will know.


The Grave

Costs: 500,-

Cruz and Queimado are two criminals who have to dispose of a dead body. An innocent fisherman will alter his plans and his live permanently.


Director: Will Maloney | Belfast, Northern Ireland 2011 | 2:20min

Billy has an odd obsession - collecting Two Pence coins. Billy takes pride in his small change hobby, learning the value of the tiny things life has to offer. But in his love for 2p's, Billy often misses the big picture. And the girl who just wants him to say hello....


Director: Cristiano Anania | Italy 2011 |  7:45min
Costs: 460,-

For a person with Alzheimer's disease, finding the way back home can become a real odyssey.


The Science of Blowjobs and Throbbing Hearts
Director: Stian Hafstad | New York, USA 2011 | 9:25min
Costs: $ 400

Inside the head of a geeky teenage boy, a group of scientists lead by Albert Einstein are trying to find the ultimate approach to charm the boy's dreamgirl. They do the calculations, he acts them out. But he soon discovers that mathematical formulas might not be the best way to win a girl's heart.


Adieu, N
Director: Barbara Vekaric | Zagreb, Croatia 2011 | 14:34min
Costs: 400,-

In order to forget her ex, Maja decides to destroy all their memories by making them less special by repeating them. She invites her ex look alike and directs a remake of one of their nights. But is a remake ever as good as the original?


R.E.M. (in French: Sommeil paradoxal)
Director: Florentine Grelier | France 2011 | 1:53min
Costs: 0,-

Dreaming on film.


Director: Isaac Berrokal | Spain 2010 | 12:19min
Costs: 1.800,-

Lena is an elderly lady who lives with her 37 years old son. Thursdays, usually go to play a game of cards with her friends, but often can't go.


Dangerous Migration Route
Director: Chintis Lundgren | Estonia 2011 | 1:13min
Costs: 415,-

Anything can go wrong on the way to Africa.


Tonight is not a good night for dying
Director: Ali Asgari | Tehran, Iran 2011 | 4:15min
Costs: 600,-

At night, all is quiet but the silence is broken by the sound of a man falling.


The Homogenics
Director: Gerard Freixes Ribera | Spain 2010 | 3:13min
Costs: 300,-

The same people living in the same houses. Uniformization turns everything into stereotypes. The Homogenics family sitcom is an extreme example of that.


Director: Sergey Lavrenov | Riga, Latvia 2011 | 10:45min
Costs: 650,-

How will you react if some beautiful stranger asks for your help and in return gives you all his love?


Director: Cristian Wiesenfeld | Germany/Chile 2011 | 2:40min
Costs: 400,-

Vanishing cows and strange lights from the sky brake the silence of a tiny small village. A Sci Fi short film inspired by German miniature trains, mixing techniques as Pixilation, CGI, Macro Video and a keyrings light.