Internationale Sektion

Festivalfreitag | 26. April, 21:30 Uhr

A fascinating view beyond national borders - from Barcelona to Boston, from St. Petersburg to Beijing.

This year, we received more than 300 submissions from all corners of the world. Whether euros, dollars, rubles, or renminbi - the international independent short film scene grows and realizes great short films with little money.


A Fable About Beauty
Director: John Barnard | Winnipeg, USA 2010 | 10:48min 
Costs: $ 5.000

Socially inept losers Becky and Kimmy foster a crush on the notorious documentary cameraman Joel Stone. To meet him, they'll have to attend the biggest party in town at the Cowboy Literary Agents garage. They enlist the help of Penny Simmons, an arrogant socialite who has climbed the social ladder through years of festive bum spanking. But the losers soon learn that hot people can't be trusted.


A Time of Vultures
Director: Adolfo Kolmerer | Germany 2012 | 8:37min
Costs: 2.000,-

A drifter walks into a saloon to settle a score.


Cold Turkey
Director: Fannar Thor Arnarsson | Iceland 2012 | 14:12min
Costs: $ 100

Adam is not exactly a normal teenager. He is a cannibal. His monstrous desires are getting out of hand. There is only one solution - Adam has to stop cold turkey.


| 15:13min
Costs: 2.000,-

Behind closed doors, a man faces shady events, somewhere between fantasy and mental psychosis. The place changes little by little, invaded by strange drawings. Painfully, the man throws out a black creature... A new union is coming. Waiting for it, the creature starts to explore her new area...


Director: Alexei Dmitriev | Russia 2005 |  4:09min
Costs: 0,-

A slow dance of the classical cinema to the music of Zelany Rashoho.


El Bloque - The Block
Director: Juan De La Cruz | Valencia, Spain 2012 | 11:54min
Costs: 400,-

In an office, two men are sitting face to face. Both are monitored from multiple cameras. The first proposes to play a game. The second is forced to play, there is no way out.


El mueble de las fotos / The Piece of Furniture
Director: Giovanni Maccelli | Spain 2009 | 2:16min
Costs: 20,-

The piece of furniture in the living room is my family's shop window.


Hitlers Drug
Director: Alessandro Molatore | Cambodia, Ireland 2011 | 10:42min
Costs: 2.500,-

In Poipet, a border city to Thailand, Thon leads us away from the main path through Cambodia. He shows us the nightmares, the hopes, and the reality of a young man leading a small local gang.


I'm Okay Right Here
Director: Meghdad Akhavan | Iran 2012 | 1:40min
Costs: $ 200

A short story about the boring life of captive parrot.


Costs: 50,-

Hi, my name is Alba, I'm 4 years old and my daddy is a movie director.


Exploding the Myth by Mr. Myster
Director: Kristaps Krumins | Balozi, Latvia 2013 | 5:33min
Costs: 50,-

A psychedelic trip trough dark eroticism and nature.


Director: Spencer Agnew | Gainesville, USA 2012 | 5:51min
Costs: $ 100,-

Two roommates decide to stop paying their rent just in time for Christmas. Things escalate quickly.


Western Movie
Director: Lee Hyung-suk | South Korea 2010 | 8:43min
Costs: $ 5.000

A sheriff crosses a desolate field on horseback and enters a village devastated by Native Americans. There are some eyes fixed on the sheriff in the town.


Wonderful Day
Director: Stanislaw Bialoskorski | Poland 2012 | 9:38min 
Costs: 500,-

'A wonderful day' is a story about crossing the fine barrier separating childhood and maturity. Reality stands before the boy's life. Sometimes it seems to be funny, sometimes tragic, and sometimes simply sad. Are we able to walk through the most difficult moments of our lives alone?