International Section

Saturday 19 March | 18:00

This year we have created a new section in order to lay the ground for the international opening of our low & no budget shortfilmfestival. In 2011 we do not have a competiton in this section but just screen the movies on saturday 19 March. 


The Story of Adam and Eve
Directed by The Macuto Collective | Barcelona, Spain 2009 | 5:09min
Costs: 200,-

The Macuto Collective bietet eine hedonistische Interpetation des mythischen Treffens.


Directed by Claire | Estonia/Greece 2010 | 4:16min
Costs: 0,-



Directed by M. Lygkiaris | Athens, Greece 2010 | 6:36min
Costs: 25,-

30/7/2023. The confession of a scientist.


Dear Father
Directed by Andy Salamonczyk | Wolves, Stoke (UK) 2010 | 4:00min
Costs: 270,-

Mark and Alex are two brothers whose lives change when their father dies of a terminal illness. Dear Father shows how both of them get through the process of grieving.


Delay in Glass
Directed by S/N Coalition | North Carolina, USA 2010 | 4:20min
Costs: 0,-

The visual and sonic source material, which originally existed as collaborative investigation have become the residual hybrid files existing as tools to rearrange space and memory infinitely.


Directed by D. Lojek | Bratislava, Slovakia 2010 | 3:34min
Costs: 120,-


The Multimedia Super Artist
Directed by Pedro Deltell Colomer | Valencia, Spain 2009 | 1:30min
Costs: 0,-

This nice little pill is the latest parody of the well known all around multifunctional artist


Under A Flesh Sky

Costs: 25,-

A woman meets her phantasy down in the hole. She receives a vision.


Directed by A. Assilina | Berlin, Germany 2011 | 6:00min
Costs: 300,-

Three men - each of them living their own sexual needs in certain ways. One of them a lonely, frustrated man, another one a transvestite prostitute and the last one a horny, old pimp.


Time Machine by Kris Herman
Directed by I. Adamonyte, L. Laugesaar | Odder, Denmark 2011 | 3:29min
Costs: 0,-

A man dreams about the love of his life. Years pass, seasons change but he still cannot find the girl. She remains only a dream.


What if it's you? by Ta Ta Ta
Directed by K. Tomasicka | Porto, Portugal 2010 | 3:27min
Costs: 30,-



Costs: 2000,-

A photojournalist seems to be blind, probably as a consequence of a traumatic event. Sitting in front of a glass of a coloured liquid, she gets carried away by a game, rediscovering the surrounding environment and opening up to the world.
That's the power of cinema, through his never ending views.