Festivalfreitag | 03. Oktober, 21:30 Uhr

A fascinating view beyond national borders - from Paris to Athens, from Warsaw to New York.

This year, we received more than 300 submissions from all corners of the world. Whether euros, dollars, or Zloty - the international independent short film scene grows and realizes great short films with little money.


For A Fistful Of Stocks
Directed by Levin L. Rodriguez | Amurio, Spain 2013 | 14:00min

Two of the greatest and most prestigious financial executives of the world economy engage in a duel for global financial hegemony. But the point is that there is no place for both of them in this market. Let the high noon of the economic world get started. Welcome to our contemporary Far West: the world of the stock market and megacorporations.


I am not here
Directed by Tokomburu | Athens, Greece 2013 | 09:30min
Costs: 0,-


Twiller Parkour # 2
Directed by Morgan Miller | Brooklyn/ New York, USA 2013 | 12:00min
Costs: $ 100

This film is about Jeff Twiller's second attempt at parkour. Having a goal in sight, one thing is absolutely sure: to accomplish hard facts!


The Diver
Directed by Damon Mohl | Lewisville (North Carolina), USA 2013 | 12:13min
Costs: $ 500,-

The film tells the strange life of a plastic toy diver. A life between illusions and reality!


Love and Commando

Costs: 1.000,-

September 1944. It's difficult for Lieutenant Steve Douglas to reconcile his duty of a soldier and his love life. From entertaining to funny and artistic, a surprisingly different and unique fictitious comedy!


Anger of the Dead
Directed by Francesco Picone | Calcinaia, Italy 2013 | 15:48min
Costs: 2.000,-

Alice and Nicholas survived an epidemic that ravaged the world, now only inhabited by the undead. But the nightmare is not over...


Spider and Flies
Directed by Tessa Moult - Milewska | Warsaw/ Poznań, Poland 2013 | 12:03min
Costs: 50,-

"Spider and Flies" is an animated interpretation of a poem for children written by the polish author Jan Brzechwa that bears the same title. It tells the story of an old but cunning spider, eager for a meal. The story can also be read as a metaphor of a consumptive nature of developing towns.


Concrete Sleep
Directed by G. Haydock, A. Mannion Jones & M. Rowlands | Manchester, UK 2013 | 11:28min

An abstract documentary which explores two polarising themes - cities and dreams. The film consists of intimate encounters with 5 city-dwellers: a rapper, a lawyer, a homeless man, a little girl and an elderly lady. Each person muses about what cities and dreams mean to them.


Directed by Andrea Casaseca | Madrid, Spain 2013 | 12:02min
Costs: 400,-

After lunch, David must confess the news to his parents. What he still doesn't know is the impact it will have on them.


Directed by Katerina Yiannakopoulou | Athens, Greece 2013 | 10:47min
Costs: 1.000,-

A film about three people and a box. A Man (33), his wife (30) and K. (28) share the same house. K. sleeps and spends the most of her time in a wooden box underneath the couple's bed. Even if the box breaks, it never stays empty.


Directed by Felipe del Olmo & Daniel Valledor | Madrid, Spain 2012 | 12:04min
Costs: 2.100,-

Ngutu is a newspaper street vendor who hardly sells any copies at all... without much success, unfortunately! Resentful, he starts watching the passers-by closely in order to make progress in his business. An ingenious idea changes his working method.